Core Competencies
and Qualification

As a longtime expert our CEO Angela Kindler has a wide range of competencies, qualifications and experience at her command, which she contributes to the success of your organisation together with national and international experts:

Studies International Business Management (B.A. Hons)

(Quality) Management functions and entrepreneurial activities in aviation companies

Implementation and certification of Management Systems according to normative standards (ISO 9001, EN/AS 9100 and ISO 14001)

Organisation Approvals according to official Regulations (EASA Part-21/G and J, EASA / FAA Part-145), also on an international level

Implementation of Safety Management Systems (ICAO SMS / EASA Management Systems)

Product approvals and certification according to international standards (EASA / FAA - (E)TSOs) as well as in accordance with RTCA DO-178 / DO-254)

Conducting internal and external System, Process and Product Audits

Conducting Seminars and Trainings (Aviation Regulation)

Participation in international committees regarding the definition of aeronautic norms and standards (IAQG, RTCA Special Committees)

Private pilot training (PPL-A)